Event and Tour dates are not guaranteed until you have met with an Agile Coach. A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required for all events and tours. If your event or tour will be less than two weeks from today, contact your Agile Coach prior to submitting this form.


    Machine Shop/ ManufacturingRefurbishingInventoryAssemblyNone
    Hatchling Support SystemHatchling Support System with Nova-DuoMPSPMPSP with Nutrient Delivery StationShrimpWorks


    Coffee, Tea, WaterBreakfast on CampusBreakfast off Campus Lunch on CampusLunch off CampusSnacks
    Group PhotoPresentation ComputerMicrophoneProjector
    Book travel to and from NTEBook lodgingI will arrange thisI need help arranging this

    *As the tour/event submitter, you will be responsible for reserving a conference room if one is required and making meal plans if your guests will be eating off campus.