ShrimpWorks® will measure shrimp allowing for accurate processing and sorting.


ShrimpWorks® uses precise measurements for precision heading with maximum yield.

Peel & Devein

ShrimpWorks® offers all-in-one technology to peel and devein without additives or hold times.


ShrimpWorks® offers dorsal or ventral EZ-Peel.


ShrimpWorks® uses precise measurement to ensure that your final product is accurately size sorted.

About Us

Founded on a legacy of pioneering automation in the poultry industry over three decades ago in Minnesota, Nova-Tech Engineering has been synonymous with innovation and quality. Our journey into the shrimp industry began when our expertise was sought to solve a problem, igniting a path of innovation for shrimp processing. We are committed to exceeding expectations, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in seafood processing.

With a dedication to excellence, we continuously strive to deliver revolutionary solutions that redefine the standards of the seafood industry.

Meet the ShrimpWorks® Team

Our Engineering teams are comprised of a diverse array of talents including Software Developers, Designers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Engineering Technicians. Through collaboration, these teams engage in constant iteration and refinement, ensuring the continuous enhancement of the ShrimpWorks® platform and its modules.

Beyond engineering excellence, our Sales and Marketing team plays a pivotal role, composed of business developers and marketers who diligently survey the market landscape. Together, we are committed to not only meeting but exceeding the evolving needs of our customers, setting new standards of innovation and excellence in the aquaculture industry.

Nate Moreno

Region: Latin America
Business Development
Languages: English/Spanish

Emily Field

Region: Europe
Branding Manager
Language: English

Jeffrey McCalla

Region: United States
Business Development & Relations
Language: English

Kamonthip (Dao) Kaewbungwan

Region: Asia
Business Development
Language: English/Thai

Technical Description

ShrimpWorks® by Nova-Tech Engineering is an advanced, modular shrimp processing machine tailored for single-operator convenience. This cutting-edge, all-in-one system, offers an array of shrimp processing services, such as heading, deveining, peeling, dorsal cut/ EZ-peel, ventral cut/EZ-Peel, and sorting. Its customizable design empowers users with full control over their processing operations, allowing them to select and integrate specific services according to their preferences and requirements. By consolidating multiple functions into a single system, ShrimpWorks® minimizes downtime and streamlines manual handling and maintenance while maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Made in the USA

Equipment Requirements


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • On-Site Training
  • Routine Visits at No Extra Cost
  • Fully Supported Installation


  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Capital Investment
  • Remote Machine Performance Monitoring
  • Spare Parts Inventory
  • Repair Parts Program


  • Multiple presentations using ONE platform
  • Process 2 – 12 hours after harvesting
  • Use of chemicals not required
  • Flexible soak and freeze time
  • Pre-sorting or size grading not required


  • Heading yield adjustable up to 3.2%
  • Up to 68% less water needed for complete processing
  • 3x more precision in sorting when compared to roller grader
  • Separation of heads and shells provides value-added by-products

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