Welcome to Nova-Tech Engineering. Through innovative process automation technology, Nova-Tech manufactures and engineers robotics systems that serve the agricultural industry across the globe. We are headquartered on the beautiful and historic MinnWest Technology campus in Willmar, MN. We employ a group of gifted individuals who are passionate about adding value to cross-functional teams.

Our Purpose Statement:
We create revolutionary solutions that advance our customers’ ability to feed the world

Core Values at Nova-Tech Engineering

  • Collaboration/Communication: We will combine diverse talents to achieve shared goals
  • Agility: We will be adaptable and flexible to do whatever is necessary to succeed
  • Strengths: We will capitalize on the unique talents of each employee every day
  • Innovation: We will inspire the application of imagination and science to create unique solutions to problems
  • Excellence: We are committed to continually raising the bar for our products, processes, and services
  • Servant Leadership: We actively steward the Purpose, Vision, and Values of Nova-Tech Engineering


Nova-Tech engineers are devoted to the research and development of new products as well as the continuous improvement of our existing product line.


Our Nova-Tech manufacturing team includes CNC Programmers, machinists, operators, and welders who collaborate with our customers to provide quick turn-around solutions.

Customer Service

With each Nova-Tech product, customers receive the added benefit and support of a professional Customer Service/ Sales department 24 hours a day.

Number of Processes

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